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MVP Heather- In Total Drama Island, Heather was the least favorite of all the campers... except for Eva. Heather made an alliance with the hollow-headed Lindsay, and the Miss Wanna-Be Beth. In PaintBall Deer Hunter, Beth sassied down Heather when she brought back Barbeque Chips instead of Dill Pickle. Beth gained up with the LeShawna and took Heather down in the All-Out-Paintball War. In If You Can't Take The Heat, Heather made Beth pay by knocking her out of the game.

Total Drama Action wasn't Heather's best, because she actually made a tiny bond with LeShawna, which made herself get eliminated. So, let's skip to the World Tour. Heather was mad when the all new camper, Alejandro took down Bridgette and Leshawna. In Slap Slap Revolution, LeShawna got angry when Heather was commenting on Alejandro and LeShawna. Heather ended up losing some teeth, though. Heather turned on Gwen and Courtney. Heather never felt sooooooo safe. And in the end, Heather made it to the finale with Alejandro. And finally, Heather knocked Alejandro down a volcano on a block of ice and took the million. But, now it's in the volcano...

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